Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cool off in the heat and make your own popsicles!!!!

Instead of buying my son Levon popsicles that are not very nutritious I decided to make him some popsicles.  By making them I know exactly what ingredients are in them and they actually have nutritional  value as opposed to the alternative.  Here are the steps. . .

Step 1

Buy a popsicle container.

We found ours at Target. Click here to see pricing on one similar.

Step 2

Pour liquid mixture in popsicle mold.

Step 3

Put popsicles in the freezer.

Wait a couple of hours or until your popsicles are frozen and ENJOY!

Here are some of my tasty homemade popsicle recipes:

Banana Orange Popsicles

   1 part pureed organic bananas
   2 part Uncle Matt's organic OJ

Mix together, pour in popsicle mold, and freeze

    Orange Creamsicle

   2-3 big scoops of organic vanilla ice cream
   3-4 cups of Uncle Matt's organic OJ

Let ice cream soften add OJ and mix well. Pour mixture in mold and freeze.

  Groovy Grape Popsicle 

Pour grape juice in mold and freeze. That doesn't really count as a recipe :)


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